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Problems with files and pages on Wikimedia Commons, including copyright

Reusing Content
How to reuse our files in other places, like your publication or website

How to contact individual Wikimedia Commons users

Find out about the process, how to donate, and information about how your money is spent

If you're a member of the press looking to contact Wikimedia Commons, or have a business proposal for us

Report problematic images

For all problem reports, please include a link to the images (or pages) of concern, and an explanation of the problem.

Copyright violations

Inappropriate images of children

To report inappropriate images of children, email the Wikimedia Foundation at Be sure to include a link to the content. We do not encourage community members to download or archive potentially inappropriate content.

Images of yourself

If you find an image or video of yourself used without your consent, or simply want to request removal of an image of you:

  • For quick help, you can email the support team at: [email protected] *.
  • Removal of media is not guaranteed. Generally media taken in a private place that fail to honor the subject's right of privacy are removed.
    Other requests for removal, such as courtesy deletion, do not yet have a uniform policy and are reviewed case-by-case.

Report issues with the site or users

Technical issues

* This is an informal but fast and discreet contact provided by volunteers.